What is a best way to promote blog posts?

How to promote your blog Reuse your content, create links to your site, create a UTM link to track marketing campaigns, share your blog on social networks, answer questions on Quora, post on subreddits, switch posts to Flipboard, contact influencers.


as a guest (or posting as a guest) is undoubtedly the best way to start promoting your blog and generating incremental traffic from day one. First, our CTO had to manually ask 10,000 questions to his Google Home device. However, that 25.71% increase is 410,322 more annual visitors.

And despite that, I have more than 117,000 followers on Twitter. In fact, I used to spend 10 hours on a single 15-minute video. And since the video isn't just a repetition of an old blog post, it accumulated 148,168 views. And since I arrived so soon, this post didn't fit with the other 100 posts on RankBrain.

And finally, we realized that posting on Tuesdays at 11 in the morning works best for us. It got 13,486 visitors in the first month alone. In fact, when I looked at which posts generated the most traffic, 4 of the top 10 were list posts. Then I saw this month's traffic, it's October 17th and the traffic has already surpassed what it was in general in August.

If you have questions about how to promote your blog, we recommend that you focus on channels that connect you with your ideal target audience. This can mean partnering with influential micro-people or specialized bookmarking sites. Tweetable quotes can also make your content easier to share. This method of promoting blogs allows you to target users based on their locations, specific interests, and buying behaviors.

Sending personalized messages to blog visitors can also help build meaningful relationships with them, keep the audience engaged with high-quality content, and increase engagement on a blog. I've included TikTok in my list of social media platforms that you can use to promote your blog, mainly because it's so new and reaches a very specific demographic of millennials and young people. As you become an authority within your niche, your audience will respect your opinion and will want to continue consulting your blog for more information. With nearly 78 million users in the United States alone, Twitter offers a great opportunity to promote your blog.

In addition to posting impressive content, bloggers must also spend time and effort promoting their blogs. Try my free AI-based keyword tool for dozens of ideas backed by keyword research & topics to write about today on your blog. In the guest post you write, look for ways to tastefully include one or two links (when they're really relevant) to articles from your own blog that you would like to rank in Google searches. Your host blog will likely also allow you to have a bio section at the end of your guest post, where you can talk more about yourself and link to your blog.

This tool makes it easy and simple to grow your audience, find great posts to share with readers, and network with other bloggers. To further increase site traffic and attract more readers to your site, you'll have to work on promoting the blog. Getting a solid financial return on your blog's email marketing efforts doesn't have to take weeks, months, or years, either. Google Analytics is the most popular free platform for gathering information about your blog, but there are also other things you can study.

Practicing these types of networks can also generate more opportunities for collaboration, regular exchanges for sharing on social networks, future spaces for blogging as guests, and much more. The main reason guest blogging is so effective is the long-term reward of slowly building a portfolio of high-quality backlinks (from the most reputable sites where you publish your guest blog posts). .

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