How do i start a blog?

How to start a blog in 6 steps Choose a name for the blog. Choose a descriptive name for your blog, Put your blog online. Choose a free blog design template and modify it, type %26 publish your first post. The first step in starting a blog is to select a blogging platform or content management system (CMS) to publish your content.

A quick Google search will show you that there are several different sites available that suit bloggers from all industries. I recommend Wix because it's a good versatile blogging platform that meets most needs. When you buy hosting using my Bluehost affiliate link, they compensate me, which helps to make this step-by-step guide to starting a blog and earning money blogging for free for you. Free blogging sites like Medium, Tumblr, and Blogger are incredible resources for testing things (or creating personal blogs).

Be clear about who your audience is, the value you create for them and answer why you decided to create a blog for them. As a starting point, type your desired topic idea into a search engine to see what kind of articles appear in the results. Try Shopify for free and explore all the tools and services you need to start, manage and grow your business. If you want to develop skills in those areas, starting your own blog will allow you to gain valuable experience.

You must create an audience that wants to buy items from you before you can start earning money. With WordPress, you can create a blog for free (you'll only need a web hosting plan to make your blog work) and it's really the only option worth considering if you're creating a blog with the ultimate goal of earning money in some shape or form. As you can see, in my first year as a blogger I only had about 9,000 readers in total, but in my second year, you'll see that traffic starts to increase dramatically as I start to figure out who my audience is and what traffic strategies work best for me. For example, if you are going to create a blog about photography, you could consider joining Facebook groups such as Nikon Digital Camera %26 Photo Enthusiasts (more than 26,000 members), Nikon D750 Users (more than 27,000 members) and Nikon UK Photography (more than 13,000 members).

One of the best things about starting a blog is that you join a community of other bloggers who love to help each other. If you have found an existing blog in the desired niche that is already receiving some traffic, perhaps generating some income and you have the investment funds to allocate them to the acquisition of the site, then getting your hands on a blog that is already successful can be a good way to avoid many of the more technical aspects of learning how to create a blog. Start by consulting your competitors: the 10 best Google search results for the keyword “carrot cake recipe”. Once you've defined your niche and desired audience, you can start planning your first blog post.

Even if you're starting out as an amateur blogger, you'll want to think about future monetization options in case your blogging efforts turn into a career.

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