How do i create a blog post that will go viral?

The 7 secrets of creating viral blog posts Create a lot of great content. Remember that only a good blog post tends to go viral. Give some thought to your titles. Harness the power of social media.

Decide what type of care you want. Know your target audience, find out what attracts them and create content with a unique “hook” to arouse their interest. Viral content usually has a visual element, so consider including some type of video, image, or GIF. There are a lot of suggestions on the Internet to attract traffic to your blog and most of them work to a certain extent.

Usually, you wouldn't expect a police force to publish “fun content” and yet the New South Wales Police Force delivers. Before thinking about virality, you should make sure that the audience you already have is reading your blog. Also, don't forget to use bold text and bullet points to create an attractive look for your article. For example, SEO experts estimate that a blog post takes at least three months to rank first on Google.

In this post, we'll share with you the most important practices you should follow if you want your blog posts to go viral. But what does “good” mean when it comes to creating a blog post? We've been creating online content and analyzing data for many years. It's not something you should leave to chance, but you don't need to be an expert in content marketing to create viral content. A good blog can be a big advantage for you: it feels great to create one and can draw attention to what you're doing.

Now that you're sure that your topic is good enough to go viral, it's time to give you some practical tips on how to blog.

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