How can i use email marketing to promote my blog posts?

It's much better to take matters into your own hands and create an email list from scratch. Undoubtedly, this will require more time and effort than simply buying one online. But at least that way you can be sure that. Automatically send your new blogs weekly via RSS Create a series of emails (mini-guide or course).

Although both concepts share the same ultimate goal: to popularize your articles among readers and to make your blog grow, the approach they adopt is different. We love email marketing platforms because they make it easy to send a professional email campaign. As with any email, your welcome series should focus on offering value to readers, so don't forget to segment based on what you already know interests them. When creating an email, remember that it will look different on different devices, so it's smart to check how your message will be displayed on different devices and browsers.

In the context of blog promotion, the focus of your email marketing campaign should, without a doubt, be your blog and all of the articles published on it. Because of the personal nature of email marketing, it makes a lot of sense to use it to start a conversation with your readers. For female bloggers who are entrepreneurial mothers, this can be a registration list or a guide to packing their holidays, while entrepreneurial bloggers (such as Marie Forleo) can offer free audio training, checklists for blogs on search engine optimization (SEO), or a video course. For bloggers, this could be a consultation call, an invitation to a workshop, a gift bag gift, or a personal meeting.

Remember that Sonia Simone, at Content Marketing (Knows Everything), once said that email marketing and blogging have different purposes, and a smart content marketing strategy will usually include both. They don't correlate in any way with the actions of blog visitors and are completely dependent on your email calendar. Blogs also contribute to SEO, leading to gaining more online attention and establishing authority. Another way to share blog content is to manually send an email to your list that includes a one or two sentence advance about your post.

The success of your blog posts will determine the success of your website and, ultimately, will be reflected in your sales. If you haven't already, email marketing can help you increase your blog audience and cultivate a deeper connection with your readers.

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